With the right Instagram marketing approach, your business and brand will make a lasting impression. As Instagram was introduced in 2010, there are many new functions and features that Instagram has launched every year with each update. With Instagram reels, users may create short video clips just like in TikTok. The audience will be able to see your profile picture, your posted pictures, reels, IGTV, stories, highlights, and the posts on which you’re tagged as well. All of these are the most significant components of your Instagram profile. 


To upload a picture on your profile, make sure that the image is at least 110 x 110 pixels in size. 180 x 180 pixels is the optimum size for your profile photo. To update your profile picture, all you have to do is tap on “edit your profile,” that you’ll find on your profile page. You can edit your personal information, profile description, username, bio, and business information through settings whenever you want to. 


One hundred and fifty characters are allotted for your description. Emoji images, phrases, and hashtags are all acceptable. Adding emojis to your business will give it a fun edge. You can add links to your other social media platforms, your online store, website, or blog post on your profile. Your bio can have multiple links, thanks to the link tree. Adding a contact number or email address for contact options plus category and page are the three critical aspects of your business information that you should include on your profile.


Instagram allows you to link your Instagram profile to your Facebook page that will assist you in making unique Facebook ad campaigns. You can share the same Instagram story on Facebook at the same time. 


Here you have to mention the industry of your brand or business that means you have to mention the category in which your product lies. 


To provide your contact details, you can add your phone number, email address, or both. You can also add your store’s address if it’s physically located somewhere. 

Add hashtags to your content but the accurate ones that go with your product; this will help new users find your posts. Globally, Instagram has about one billion active users and 500 million daily active users. These people follow the hashtags they are interested in. Now, whenever you post, these users can see your content that contains hashtags. 

When selecting a hashtag combination, you can’t to choose from the following:

  • 1,000 to 10K posts
  • 10K to 100K posts
  • between 100K to 500K posts
  • between 500K to 1 million posts
  • just over 1 million existing posts

People are likely using the same hashtag as you every day, so it’s good if you use a hashtag with more than just one post. 

You can share your old stories from the memories again with the new Instagram functionality. You can create Boomerang and super zoom effects within the Instagram application itself. Superzoom on Instagram has six unique effects: Bounce, hearts, fire, beats, etc. When an image is zoomed in, these effects convey the mood through noises and colors. A popular component of Instagram stories is Insta stickers. They boost public engagement and promotion of your content. 

Consider buying Instagram likes monthly to boost your profile if you’re using a personal profile. It’s a good idea to tag your home address. Instagram stories allow you to add up to ten hashtags. Other people can be identified by using tag stickers on stories. The timer stickers are perfect for promoting forthcoming events, birthdays, giveaways, anniversaries, and product launches. Use a countdown sticker to keep track of time.